*Asian Families and Intimacies * was newly published

A four-volume set titled *Asian Families and Intimacies * was newly
published by SAGE Publications. Professor Ayami Nakatani, a full-time
faculty of the RIDC, participated in the international editorial committee
of this ambitious publishing project.
Below is a description of its contents provided by the publisher.

“In these volumes, various facets of intimate relations and the interaction
between the private and the public spheres assume special importance. The
articles reflect on aspects of intimacy in historical and contemporary
times, ideals and realities, and differences in family practices between
different social strata. The writings discuss the varying and intersecting
processes of ‘Sinicization’, ‘Sanskritization’, ‘Islamization’,
‘Modernization’ and ‘Globalization’ across the Asian region.
Most of the articles in the volumes have been newly translated from various
Asian languages, though there are some texts that were originally written
in English. Contemporary texts that represent new and emerging areas of
scholarship on family relations as well as texts considered ‘canonical’ in
their context of production have been included. In each part, the editors
have introduced and analysed the themes taken up in the papers, and their
wider intellectual and social contour.”

Asian Families and Intimacies
edited by OCHIAI Emiko and Patricia UBEROI
Four Volume Set
Sage Publications, 2021
ISBN: 9789353286200